February's Featured Producer Partner | Koghb Art School & Yereqnuk (Clover) Handicrafts

The creative team of Yereqnuk (Clover) Handicrafts was founded in 2007 by teachers of the Koghb Art School, Arusyak Pashikyan, Anna Nasibyan, and Satenik Ghuljanyan.  Each year, they invite 10 young artists to study illustration and the fine arts at the school.  The students produce leather wallets, bags, glassware, and metal jewelry for Yereqnuk Handicrafts.  Koghb Art Sshool inspires young adults to complete their higher education and make a living in their hometown.

Koghb is a major town and rural community in the Tavush Province of Armenia.  It is rich with historical significance. Nearby Koghb is the monastery of Mshavank with a restored 5th-century church called Tsghakhach, a 6th-century church called Tvarageghtsi, and a cemetery dating between the 12th-13th centuries.  Also close by are two cylopean forts with adjacent Bronze Age tomb fields.