Ambiante Trade Expo | Feb. 8-15, 2018

HDIF participated in the Ambiante Fair Trade Expo in Frankfurt, Germany during 5 action-packed days.  Ambiante is the world's most important consumer goods trade fair where all the latest ideas and products are on display - from the global market spectrum to industry trends and future visions. And interest in the fair has been increasing as the high number of buyers makes Ambiente attractive to more exhibitors from around the world. This year, 4,441 exhibitors from 89 countries came to Ambiente. HDIF was the ONLY exhibitor from ARMENIA.

Many friends, new and old, visited the booth.  It was a pleasure to host HDIF's biggest partners from #DWP in Germany!  All in all, HDIF met with many buyers who were pleasantly surprised to see the beautiful handicrafts that are #MadeinArmenia!