HDIF Represents Armenia at World's Largest Trade Fair

Sometimes when you’re the first, it means going it alone. Such was the case this month when HDIF was the only exhibitor from Armenia, among 4,500 from 92 countries, to participate in Ambiente, the world’s largest consumer trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany.  Ambiente sets the pace for the world of consumer goods. The unique diversity of products shows the innovative capacities of the giving, living and dining goods sector.
Companies from around the globe purchased or expressed interest in HDIF's handmade, fair trade products. Representatives from Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Sweden and even New Zealand stopped by HDIF’s booth to discuss placing orders.  Best sellers included finger puppets, baby rattles, key tags, pencil tops, and Christmas ornaments.
Timothy Straight, HDIF’s founder, stated, “HDIF has arrived!  We are capturing the attention of major international companies.  I am really encouraged by the great reception we received at this year’s fair. We are going to work our tails off to be sure that every order is perfect and every lead is pursued.  HDIF is investing in Armenia by producing unique handicraft items that people around the world are interested in buying.”

Beth Broussalian