February's Featured Producer Partner | Vardenis Sewing Producing Eco-Friendly Totes

Did you know that the Armenian government is considering the ban of plastic bags by 2022? Vardenis Sewing has been producing reusable tote bags for HDIF since Day #1. With consumers looking for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic, Vardenis Sewing is ready to ramp up production of its well-known designs and can also create new tote designs for companies, organizations, schools and more.

Vardenis Sewing is one of the few private enterprises working with HDIF because most of our partners are NGO’s or foundations. In 2013, Lena and Armen Eranosyan were introduced to HDIF's founder, Tim Straignt, by Peace Corps Volunteer Laura Maas.  

Both Lena and Armen worked in a sewing factory during the Soviet period and a little while after Armenia's independence. Due to the economic crisis and collapse of the Soviet markets, many people were left without any jobs or hope to be employed in their local regions.

HDIF helped Lena and Armen start their now-thriving small business. Around 30% of the kitchen accessories and home decor items sold by HDIF and HDIF-USA are produced by Vardenis Sewing in the Gegharkunik region on the shores of Lake Sevan.

Beth Broussalian