HDIF & Nairian Create Beautiful Partnership

In 2016, HDIF and Nairian teamed up to bring even more jobs to Armenia's towns, villages, and vulnerable groups.  When you purchase Nairian's exclusive cosmetics, the products are packaged in a gorgeous, zippered bag made by HDIF's producer partners in Koghb, Armenia. 

HDIF engages the artisans at the Koghb Art School, where we provide the raw materials and they provide the crocheting craftsmanship.  Within the Art School is a unique group called Yereqnuk Handicrafts, that works with young artists to hone their talents, complete higher education, and make a living in their hometown.   Nairian creates premium cosmetics, responsibly prepared using its own essential oils and other ingredients sourced locally from Armenia’s beautiful highlands and harvested by local villagers in need of sustainable employment.

This partnership has helped HDIF and Nairian introduce #MadeinArmenia products around the world and build their brand recognition.  Since the start of this beautiful partnership, HDIF has delivered more than 1,500 finely designed cosmetic bags to Nairian.

Beth BroussalianComment