HDIF Participates in Young Women's Peace Award Conference

HDIF was recently invited by Armenia-based Democracy Today to participate in the Young Women’s Peace & Human Rights Award Conference as well as exhibit and sell its products during the event. Attending were participants from Armenia, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Kosovo, Chechnya and Georgia.

The goal of the movement is to make women's role in peace processes visible as well as to recognize and bring voices of female actors to the table of peace negotiations. The conference addressed important gender issues, including why women's voices are not heard or represented in government and why there is a gender imbalance in world leadership. A distinguished group of panelists led discussions about female empowerment, violence against women, exploiting refugees, militarization, and patriarchy - and how all these issues are being suppressed by predominately male leaders. The Peace Award is named after Armenian peace builder and human rights activist Anahit Bayandur.

Beth Broussalian