HDIF Products Now on Amazon!

HDIF and HDIF-USA are excited to announce the debut of its handicrafts on Amazon.  Products can be found on HDIF-USA's Amazon page or by searching “HDIF-USA” on Amazon.  The first launch features HDIF products from four popular series: animal backpacks made in Koghb, decorative pillow covers from Vardenis, cow and sheep ring rattles made in Kapan, and Christmas ornaments from Berd. 
“The Amazon launch is a critical part of HDIF-USA's vision: our producer partners from Armenia's regions are now able to participate in international commerce. We are excited to offer our products worldwide because of their professional quality, unique design, and meaningful stories,” stated HDIF-USA President Lisa Iskikian.
In order to increase the rank of these items, HDIF customers and fans are encouraged to go online and rate and review the products.  As the ranking grows, HDIF-USA will be able to take advantage of Amazon advertising and other vendor benefits, like piggybacking on Amazon's huge client database.

Beth Broussalian