August's Featured Producer Partner | EREO (Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities)

Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities in Vanadzor aspires to improve visibility and public access for those with with physical disabilities, as well as help find or create jobs for its members.

Anush Aslanyan, EREO’s president, is a young woman with an iron will. The organization has 12 disabled members, an army of volunteers, and dozens of beneficiaries. Their disabilities include multiple sclerosis, hearing impairment, and visual impairment.

EREO's members make a variety of different handicraft products to provide an income to both the disabled artisans and the organization.  

EREO has just been told that they must vacate their current location by September because the space has been sold.  Sadly, they have moved four times in the past five years.  NOT EASY!  HDIF is helping EREO locate a permanent home where the organization can establish stability, provide improved accessibility for its members, and continue to conduct the amazing work they do with the disabled community in the region.

If you would like to contribute to this effort, please click on the GoFundMe link.

Beth Broussalian