Share the Love Campaign Update | May 2018

HDIF and HDIF-USA are happy to report that your dollars are helping survivors of domestic and sexual violence learn new, marketable skills! SHARE THE LOVE has already completed the training phase at the Women's Resource Center Armenia.   We have purchased 4 knitting machines, and women from Shushi, Goghovit and Yerevan have learned to operate them.  The machines make production faster, especially on larger pieces.  The finer details are then knitted by hand, which will be the next step in their training. Soon, baby blankets, hats, and sweaters made by these fine ladies will be available in HDIF's new retail shop at Parpetsi Str. 13. We are grateful for your support!  

Every month for the rest of the year, we will report on the progress made in implementing the $10,000 donated during the SHARE THE LOVEcrowdfunding campaign. The purpose of the campaign was to raise money to create jobs in handicrafts for women who are survivors of domestic and sexual violence.