March's Featured Producer Partner | Gohar & Kapan Crochet

HDIF met Gohar more than five years ago.  Impressed with her exceptional crocheting talent, HDIF designed products for her to produce for the international market.  Today Kapan Crochet employs a growing group of talented and hardworking women.  Though faced with economic challenges, the women use handicrafts as a way to support their families and remain on their ancestral soil, rather than migrating to Armenia's larger cities or abroad.  

Located at the bottom of Armenia's panhandle and close to the Iranian border, Kapan is wedged between high mountains and splintered by numerous valleys.  The name itself is derived from the Armenian word Kapel (to lock), a reference to the interlocking mountain chains that converge here.  The main site is the 9th-century Vahanavank monastery, once the religious center for Syunik's kings.  

Among the many products produced by Gohar and Kapan Crochet are HDIF's signature airplane and car rattle, stick and ring rattles, cow & sheep baby booties, squeakers, vibrating animals, and HDIF's ultra distinctive and popular heart-shaped flag key chain!