April's Featured Producer Partner | Zhanna & Berd Women's Resource Center Foundation

This is Zhanna!  She leads the Berd Women's Resource Foundation, which produces not only HDIF's beloved Berd Bears, but also mini animals, Christmas ornaments, and much more!  Zhanna has been crocheting specialized, handcrafted products for five years.  She is married and has three young children.  The income she receives as an HDIF producer partner supplements her household earnings.  HDIF employs over a dozen skilled and talented women from Berd and the surrounding villages.

Berd is a city in Northern Armenia.  It lies at the heart of the regionknown as Shamshadin, and is the only town in this remote corner of Armenia.  This area has rolling green hills of forest and pasture, and is studded with ancient monasteries.  Berd and the surrounding villages represent a major center for agriculture production in Armenia.  Berd lies close to the frontline with Azerbaijan and is often in the crossfire of the conflict between the two countries.