Monday, 11 May 2015
  Mikael workingVardenis Stone work

Mikayel Nalbandyan of Vardenis Stone Carvings works with his father and uncle to create unique souvenirs that they can sell all over Armenia. They first became involved with HDIF about 7 months ago when he was able to meet Tim through some volunteers from Peace Corps. Prior to joining HDIF, Mikayel and his family had been making souvenirs since 2000 and has been selling his items in Yerevan’s vernissage for almost 8 years now. Working upwards of 8 hours a day, the family continues to make their different trinkets, as well as large khatchkars that are used as tombstones in cemeteries. Mikayel’s only complaint is that he wished he had more modern and technologically advanced products; he believes that those items can definitely make his workload a lot easier and allow him to produce more items in a shorter amount of time.

Nevertheless, he is beyond pleased with Vardenis Stone Carvings’ relationship with HDIF, noting that Tim continuously comes up with new ideas to help the company grow and prosper. Mikayel believes that Tim is excellent at further developing the families ideas and talents to create more marketable products. Mikayel also notes that being a part of HDIF only provides him with more motivation to work and grow Vardenis Stone Carvings: it is the inspiration he needs to keep creating great items.

Take a look at videos done by Timothy Straight about Vardenis Stone Carving.

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