Sunday, 27 April 2014
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Lena Yeranosyan represents the Vardenis Sewing. She is both a producer in the HDIF family and a private entrepreneur. Her journey with HDIF began in 2012 when she created a small NGO in which women made hand-sewn items for the local markets. A short period later, she met a volunteer from the Peace Corps, Lora. Lora liked the products that Lena and the women were producing and decided to introduce her NGO to Timothy Straight.

On December 3, 2012, Tim arrived in Vardenis, where he was introduced to all the women and their products. Tim, very interested in the products they were making, proposed that Lena and Vardenis Sewing officially cooperate with HDIF, encouraging them to begin creating kitchen items. In order to partner with HDIF, she had to create a small business outside of her NGO. With Tim’s assistance, the women of Vardenis Sewing were able to create a private entrepreneurship with new tools.

Vardenis Sewing is one of the only groups that also sells to local markets. Nevertheless, though one of HDIF’s most successful groups, the women of Vardenis Sewing have difficulty with their small workspaces. The women currently work 6-11 hours a day but know that they could be more efficient if they had a bigger workspace. Vardenis Sewing also has some problems delivering items with Yerevan.

There are currently 5 women working for Vardenis Sewing. Though some of these women have worked in sewing factories before, they currently have no other modes of income. Currently, Lena, a sewing teacher, is the only person from Vardenis Sewing who has an income outside of the group.

Take a look at videos done by Timothy Straight about Vardenis Sewing.

For more information go to Vardenis Sewing Facebook page.

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