Written by anahit
Sunday, 27 April 2014

HDIF sees training seminars as a vehicle to attaining the goal of sustainable producer independence. HDIF will work towards this goal by facilitating and leading seminars and workshops as the basic building blocks upon which to build up the needed knowledge. These workshops will cover a wide variety of topics associated with best business practices in a globally competitive climate. Again, the point is not only to pass on valuable information necessary to operate small businesses, but also to empower women (who are the most disenfranchised social group) in their daily lives. We see this as HDIF's primary role and one that has no time limitation or definite end. Addressing the need for such a program, as you can imagine, is not a cheap task to undertake; we are actively seeking funding to enable us to continue doing the work that is so necessary for the development of Armenia.  We intend to hold training workshops that will set a precedent and establish a standard for the development sector in Armenia.

Main Goal:

Empowering women by endowing them with the education and necessary skills to be successful as independent business entities.


Objectives: Organize training on different business related topics for women entrepreneurs. Create a network between HDIF producer groups.