Sunday, 27 April 2014
2635086A gaggle of women in Talin Dolls meticulously crochet replicas of traditional Armenian taraz costumes.post_1

Gayane Khatchatryan, the director at the Talin’s Women’s Resource Center, was first introduced to Tim Staight and Homeland Handicrafts, the predecessor of Homeland Development Initiative Foundation (HDIF), while she was a volunteer. Since HDIF officially established itself in 2013, Gayane has been actively working with Tim. Currently, Talin Dolls has created jobs for 6 women, 2 of whom are former teachers.  While a couple of women work in small shops, but most of the employees at Talin Dolls do not have any other form of income. Meeting up at least twice a week, the women spend over 6 hours on knitting not only the dolls, but also their intricate clothing and costumes. When they have many orders, many of the women recruit the help of their family members.

Though having developed a fantastic business, the women at Talin Dolls often run into difficulties. Finding appropriate thread is difficult as shipping in these items from China and other nations can take a long time for many of the stores they buy their products from. Financially speaking, Gayane points out that many women get frustrated that they are not immediately paid for their work, having to wait upwards of 3 months to receive payment.

Take a look at a video done by Timothy Straight about Talin Dolls.

For more information go to Talin Dolls web-site or Facebook page.