Written by hdiforg
Friday, 22 May 2015
Stephanie Demirchyan
Born June 7, 1990, Stephanie is a Birthright volunteer from Montevideo, Uruguay.

She learned about the HDIF from her cousin who has volunteered at the organization previously and told a lot about her journey at HDIF.

She believes HDIF does an important and interesting work, as it supports talented and creative people in Armenia to succeed in their business ventures, who otherwise wouldn’t be successful, and the world wouldn’t have the chance to know about their original product.

Having a major in PR and Social Media, she assisted the team to build the PR and social media strategies of HDIF.

She was impressed by her trip to Syunik to visit HDIF artisans at the region. She met people and visited places that she most probably wouldn’t have a chance to visit if not HDIF. She would love to get toknow more of our artisans if she didn’t have the language obstacle.

Stephanie  has  wonderful  relations  with  the  staff  and  felt  home  from  the  very  first  day  of her volunteering. She felt that what she was saying was heard and respected.

Despite the fact that Social Media is her major, Stephanie has learned a lot while working at HDIF, as far as she never had the opportunity to create a PR strategy before. HDIF was a place where she got the chance to practice her theoretical skills.

Though she would like to stay longer and contribute even more she would love to help us from Uruguay.