Sunday, 27 April 2014
Sisian Seramics 1 Sisian Seramics 2 Vahagn Hambarzumyan of Sisian Ceramics takes pride in his one-of-a-kind handmade clay products. Though having met Tim over 5 years ago at a handwork exhibit in Goris’ Women’s Resource Center, they officially joined the HDIF family two years ago. Vahagn has been working with ceramics for over 15 years now, having trained many students who also currently assist him on his projects. Moreover, though Vahagn’s wife typically assists him on projects as well, she recently gave a birth to their third child and will need to stay home with him for about a year. Besides HDIF Vahagn has his own group of students whom he teaches ceramic handicrafts and also he provides other ceramic crafters with clay material. Vahagn points out that working with clay and making ceramics products is incredibly complicated. Although the actual product-making process can take about 8 hours, painting and decorating the products can take upwards of 13-14 hours. 

Vahagn has taken on some large scale and wholesale jobs, such as making items for restaurants, which he makes on his own time and is assisted by his students. However, such jobs have dwindled due to the current socioeconomic situation in Armenia. Moreover, many of the tools that the family uses to make their products are from the Soviet-era and are not as technologically advanced as many of the modern and expensive European models.

Take a look at a video done by Timothy Straight about Sisian Ceramics.

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