Written by hdiforg
Friday, 22 May 2015
2014-05-04 14.57.26 Born on 18 April, 1988, Shant is from California.

He began his journey with HDIF in November 2013 as a Birthright volunteer.

Having researched HDIF on Facebook, Shant had actually contacted the organization’s executive director for job prospects. The director advised Shant to apply for Birthright Armenia, who had already sent two volunteers to HDIF.

Shant’s initial attraction to the organization stemmed from HDIF’s mission to economically develop regions outside of Yerevan. He was inspired by the fact that HDIF wanted to work in villages to help establish self-sufficient businesses that could provide a sustainable income for villagers and community members.

Shant mainly assists with HDIF’s social media, focusing on engaging the Armenian Diasporan community. He wants individuals throughout the world to understand the importance of HDIF’s work  and encourages them to spread the word, not only about the organization itself, but also about the many different artisans that HDIF assists.

As a diasporan Armenian who spoke a different dialect of Armenian, Shant’s main challenges revolved around communicating with some of the villagers. Nevertheless, he learned to adapt to the dialectical change and now believes that getting to know the members of these rural regions was one of the most rewarding aspects of his job.

Even though he was a volunteer, Shant always felt like a member of the HDIF team. He eagerly presented his ideas and opinions, knowing that HDIF would value what he had to say.

Shant believes that his next step in HDIF should revolve around business development, as it would incorporate his professional knowledge and skills.

Because of HDIF, Shant was able to see the true Armenia.  It was through this experience that he was able to grasp what he truly wanted to do in Armenia. Shant knows that he came to the right place and at the right time.