Written by Timothy Straight
Sunday, 29 November 2015
HDIF teams up with One Armenia for a WIN WIN WIN! HDIF is proud to be part of OneArmenia's 'Santas Wanted!' campaign. Our partners Berd Bears, Goghovit Knits and our Kobane Armenian friends are benefiting from it by providing quality products so that children in Armenian villages keep warm, fed and educated this Winter! Please help us with this win-win-win campaign. Link to Santas Wanted! campaign
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Written by Ani Berberyan
Thursday, 19 November 2015
From the exile to the motherland: HDIF cooperating with Syrian-Armenians HDIF attempts to be an integral part of the post-conflict efforts to assist the displaced Syrian-Armenian refugees through cooperation with One Armenia. 12063644_460001370850917_1701100262690080342_n Meet Silva and Zarmig Tovmasians – two talented Syrian-Armenian women who having survived the exile are now ready to rebuild a new life full of hopes and aspirations in Armenia. It’s only seven weeks they are in Armenia with other family members. Impacted by the ravaging war, the Tovmasian family – one of the last Armenian families living in Kobani, Syria, fled their homes and has been living in a UN tent camp based in Suruc (southern Turkey) for three years. Does the history repeat itself? Their ancestors have fled the Armenian Genocide and settled in Kobani, Syria, and now their children fleeing from war-torn Syria, find their peace back in their homeland after 3 long years of exile. 0B12BFC5-DC4C-40EE-84FA-A725D5C06AEF_w640_s Silva and Zarmig now face new challenges of integration in the new urban community of Yerevan, in a country with scarce job opportunities. What we at HDIF do, is revealing the best talent and potential in women, and making it a successful project. Silva and Zarmig are masters in knitting, and HDIF initiated cooperation with them that has a long and successful path to cross. They will make kids scarves for the upcoming campaign with One Armenia. Weather worked in their favor. Winter time – perfect time for their business. 12274426_461818684002519_6563663113208739601_n                                                          Zarmig wearing the scarf she has knitted
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Written by Ani Berberyan
Monday, 09 November 2015
#ICareICan Syrian refugee relief campaign
HDIF team and its producer partners participate in AGBU's Syrian relief effort, contributing to the cause through #ICareICan photographs.
HDIF Foudner Timothy Straight
As mentioned earlier, AGBU ordered a large collection of Berd bearsGoris Crochet animal keytags, and Kapan Crochet Armenia keytags with the purpose of exporting and selling them in Armenian communities over the world and to invest the profit made in the Syrian-Armenian fund. 
The Syrian conflict has displaced 7.6 million innocent men, women, and children. Among them, tens of thousands of Syrian Armenians have been uprooted and forced to flee while close to 35,000 still remain in the country struggling to survive. Thousands of Syrian Armenians came to Armenia since the crisis, many of them children. 
Ways of contribution:
1. Contribute to the cause through a photograph, posting it on social networks with hashtags #ICareICan, #AGBUSyriaRelief.
Kapan ICareICan
Kapan Crochet women
2. Donate by going through the link.
Together we can save lives. Let us help Syrian-Armenians together and give them a better chance at happiness and stability. 
Learn more about the campaign.
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Written by Ani Berberyan
Monday, 02 November 2015
Fruitful cooperation with AGBU New York AGBU New York recently initiated a win-win cooperation with HDIF, seeking to organize a campaign to raise money for Syrian-Armenians. As part of this crowd funding campaign AGBU ordered a large collection of Berd bears, Goris Crochet animal keytags, and Kapan Crochet Armenia keytags with the purpose of exporting and selling these products in Armenian communities over the world and to invest the profit made in the Syrian-Armenian fund. The target cities for our products are Beirut, Philadelphia and New York. Fully employed and tied up to work for the current month – live long our women in Goris, Berd and Kapan.   1ae9e1c31a8863ecf8b052add61c8e3e  12122931_452829988234722_1475804657410110833_n GCA33_Leopard  GCA46_Pink-Elephant    
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Written by Ani Berberyan
Friday, 30 October 2015
Goris Crochet getting world famous 12038216_1173535129341087_1176542765436477655_nProud to announce that Goris Crochet appeared on the pages of UK magazine Garden Centre Buyer with the headline "Armenian handicrafts - a small project has grown into a year-round operation providing jobs for over 60 women". Charlotte Cowell from the magazine took the initiative to introduce Goris Crochet products to the international buyers! This is a direct result of HDIF and “WINNET Armenia” Network of Women Resource Centers participation in the Tendence fair in Frankfurt in August-September. Congratulations! You can find the article about Goris Crochet on the page 10.  
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