Written by hdiforg
Sunday, 27 April 2014

KC 1 KC2   Gohar Hovhannisyan is the leading woman at Kapan Crochet, a producer group that makes beautifully crocheted toys, coin and pencil cases, and other intricate items. Before joining HDIF, Gohar was making and selling clothes from home.

Kapan Crochet joined HDIF almost four years ago, when a young woman from the village introduced Gohar to Robert, a Peace Corps volunteer. Robert knew that Timothy Straight, the founder of HDIF, was looking for women who knew how to crochet and make handicrafts, and introduced him to Gohar. Tim met Gohar when he visited Kapan Women’s Resource Centre NGO, where she presented him with the single toy that she had made. Tim loved it and the rest, as they say, was history.

The four women employed by Kapan Crochet currently have no other means of income. Not having a separate space to work in, the women gather at Gohar’s home and effortlessly work 8 to 16 hours a day to complete their tasks. Though they have some problems with transporting their products the women of Kapan Crochet have no problems with the materials and the tools they have.


Take a look at the video done by Timothy Straight about Kapan Crochet.

For more information go to Kapan Crochet web-site or Facebook page.

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