Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Homeland Handicrafts for Local Economic Development project aims at creating market opportunities for villager women to sell their handicrafts. Building on this foundation, HDIF’s work goes beyond providing a market for the sale of handicrafts. HDIF concentrates on empowering these women by endowing them with an education and other necessary skills to be successful, not only as independent business entities, but also in other spheres of life.  Currently, HDIF employs around 150 artisans across 10 projects under the HDIF umbrella. Our producers struggle with understanding and applying basic business concepts such as taxation, and registration, invoicing, quality control, social media, and more.

Main Goal: 

Invest in economic empowerment of women living in small communities of Armenia by enhancing their business administration capacity.

Objective 1: Educate artisan women in successful business making.

Objective 2: Help artisan women living in the regions of Armenia to market their product.