Written by hdiforg
Sunday, 27 April 2014
GC1 GC2 Goris Women’s Resource Center (GWRC) has been working with Homeland Development Initiative Foundation since its inception back in 2013 though the women of Goris Crochet have been doing their handicrafts for much longer than that. They first met Tim Straight in 2010 at the Zangezur Expo, an exhibition that showcased village handiwork from the Syunik Province. Goris Crochet first began making fruits and vegetables for Tim and Homeland Handiworks, followed by animals, and the rest, as they say, was history. Today, Goris Crochet employs about 50-55 active workers, many of whom have no other source of income. There are also additional 30-40 women who work with Goris Crochet as a hobby. Depending on how many orders the women have, they can work up to 8 hours a day. When the women first began working for Goris Crochet, they took classes to refine their skills at GWRC. Now, women meet on a weekly basis to present their handiworks to the supervisors at the Goris Women’s Resource Center so they can get advice and make sure all of their products are up to par.

The women believe that, over the years, Goris Crochet has run into several different obstacles. Because their products are handmade and time-consuming, the women cannot always take on large orders that have strict deadlines. Moreover, the fact that those women aren’t paid up front for their work, but rather have to wait, sometimes months, to receive their payments, makes working difficult as women become unmotivated. The women also believe that online shopping is another big issue that Goris Crochet has to deal with because postage in Armenia is difficult. There are also times when the business has received orders but does not have enough thread to complete their project. Lastly, because these are handmade products made by different individuals, all of the items aren’t always identical. Nevertheless, the women are hopeful and believe that, since its inception, Goris Crochet has made an extensive amount of progress.

Take a look at the video done by Timothy Straight about Goris Crochet.

For more information go to Goris Crochet web-site or Facebook page.