Written by hdiforg
Friday, 22 May 2015
Gayane Khachatryan

Born on 25 February, 1995, Gayane is a student from Yerevan.

Learning about HDIF via Facebook, she joined the HDIF staff as a volunteer in October 2014. Some of her tasks include answering phone calls during festivals, translating event pages, like for the Golden Wheat Festival, and assisting the registration process during the Taraz Fest. Though she is always willing to learn more, assisting on festivals gives Gayane a basic understanding of what HDIF does.

Currently studying sociology, Gayane would love the opportunity to incorporate her knowledge, experience, and professional skills throughout HDIF’s work by creating researched profiles on producers.

Gayane believes the environment at HDIF is friendly and has had no problems working with the staff.

Gayane would like to continue her volunteer service for the upcoming festivals, this time contributing her skills from the very beginning of the organizational process. If possible, she would love to become a permanent employee of HDIF.