Written by hdiforg
Friday, 22 May 2015
Garo SerpekianBorn May 14, 1983, Garo is a Birthright volunteer from Amman, Jordan.

He arrived in Armenia on the 28th of February and joined HDIF on the 9th of March.

Currently, Garo is assisting HDIF with business development. Through the research of local and international markets, as well as big franchises, Garo hopes to find useful tactics that will increase the audience and recognition of HDIF’s products. Having a background in accounting, Garo believes that his knowledge and skills in the field can help him analyze and improve HDIF’s financial status.

Garo essentially came to Armenia to improve and develop the standard of living of the Armenian people. Though he finds his job challenging at times, he knows that HDIF can help him accomplish his goals.

Garo has quickly integrated into HDIF’s working atmosphere: he feels very comfortable with the staff and communicates with them very smoothly. Even though he is quite new to HDIF and thinks that there is still a lot to learn, Garo believes that his ideas and comments will be heard and taken into consideration.

Though Garo’s volunteer service ends at the end of August, he will continue cooperating with HDIF and, if possible, would love to become a permanent member of the staff.