Written by anahit
Thursday, 19 February 2015
GWF 2 Golden Wheat Festival 2014: September 20thth -To activate as many local skilled people in the area and present Vardenis as a desirable place for tourists to visit and explore 

Location: Vardenis, Gegharkunik Marz 

Distance: Approx. 175km from Yerevan 

Population: Approx. 12,000 

Brief History: Oldest settlement in Armenia, birthplace of Viktor Hambartsumyan Scientist/Astrologists 

Participants: 7 local communities 

Exhibitors: Vardenis Sewing – wheat themed oven gloves, aprons pot holders, blankets etc

Sissian Ceramics – wheat themed clay products

Beer Academy – demonstrating and selling wheat beer

7 local communities - prepared and sold homemade traditional foods eg: gata, lavash, harisa

Entertainment: DJ Vakcina, Sassoun Dance Ensemble, singers, musicians and dancers from local music school and house of culture

Attendance: Approx 3,000 guests from all over Armenia GWF 3

Local partners: World Vision, YMCA, Vardenis Community Development and local municipality

Investments:JMF - $9,000, One Armenia Crowdfunding - $8,000, «Tapan» Eco-Club - 80,000 AMD 

Golden Wheat Festival 2015: September 12th – To build on previous year’s experience and guide communities towards ownership of the event

Location: Vardenis, Gegharkunik Marz 

Participation: Focusing on 14 local villages to participate 

Attendance: Focusing on 4,000 visitors Partners: As previous year 

Budget: $15.000