Thursday, 19 February 2015

Like many other initiatives in Armenia, tourism also is being developed centrally, from up to bottom. The communities that may have many wonderful things in their areas are not skilled enough to market their products and entertainment areas. Thus the tourism flow to Armenia remains centralized in certain areas attracting mainly Diaspora Armenians and people with interest in history. In order to attract «new» tourists, the local communities have to be experienced to welcome and host tourists, so that the local economic development also is promoted. Festivals are one of the activities which firstly promote the development and sale of local products as well as attract new visitors to the area who may bring new opportunities with them.

Goal: Invest in developing the community based tourism in three communities in Armenia through discovery and presentation of local values during the organized thematic festivals.


  • Explore the cultural values of small communities to wider public, attracting new visitors which will invest in the development of ethnic tourism in Armenia.

  • Using the participatory methodology enhance the capacity of three local communities to organize community based large events and accept wide range of tourists in their settlements.

For more information about upcoming festivals follow this link to facebook.