Written by hdiforg
Sunday, 27 April 2014

Hasmik Gabrielyan began her journey with HDIF in 2011 when she was introduced to Tim through a volunteer in Chinchin, Mariam Yesayan. She, along with 20 other women from the village, had meetings with Tim to present their items. Nevertheless, Hasmik impressed Tim with her intricately made coasters. Since their partnership, Hasmik has been designing bed covers that are decorated with the Armenian alphabet.

When she first joined HDIF, there were 8 other women working with Hasmik. Now, there are only 2 women working on these bed covers, which can take up to 25 days to make. The women work more than 8 hours every day to complete their orders in time. Though she did not have a job when she first began with HDIF, Hasmik also currently works in an office.

Hasmik hopes that, in the future, she will be able to have more orders.

Take a look at a video done by Timothy Straight about Chinchin Knitting.

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