Written by Timothy Straight
Thursday, 07 January 2016
Bees in our Bonnet!

HDIF would like to give an huge shout out to our friends in One Armenia who just completed their ‘Santas Wanted’ campaign with success beyond all expectations thanks to lots of wonderful people around the globe. When we planned the campaign last year, we estimated that we would need perhaps 40 of these cute little crocheted bees that are to be packaged with jars of honey from Sahman NGO. Well, in the end, the ladies of the Berd Women’s Resource Center Foundation made over 80 of them! A big thanks goes out to all of those involved in the very successful campaign. Let’s keep up this fruitful cooperation for the benefit of hardworking groups around Armenia! One Armenia website Sahman NGO on Facebook

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Written by Timothy Straight
Monday, 28 December 2015
One Oven Glove at a Time….

There is nothing quite like getting positive feedback on the work that you do. Tsoghig warmed our hearts with this comment about Vardenis Sewing’s Ararat oven glove that she got as a Christmas gift. We are loving you, Tsoghig jan! ”Beautiful beyond words and extremely useful! I LOVE my oven glove, not just for the amazing and beautiful design and handiwork but also because I was able to pull out my cookie sheets with easy! This is a lovely addition to any kitchen around the world and the best part of all, purchasing this glove helps the women of the Vardenis. This is such a dignified way to do a little tiny thing to help the women of this village.” And this is how HDIF wants to change things for the better in Armenia- one woman in a village at a time, one oven glove at a time. Contact us at info@hdif.org or +374-77-473335 in Armenia. Thanks!  

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Written by Timothy Straight
Wednesday, 23 December 2015
Manush in Goghovit is busy!!

Only a couple of days before Christmas, and Manush up in Goghovit is knitting up a storm! One Armenia approached HDIF a few months ago and asked if we could produce a series of knitted hats and scarves with Ughtasar rock paintings on them for use in their Santas Wanted! campaign. Of course we can!   Not knowing how many of these sets of great hand made products would be sold, we started carefully with 5 pairs of socks and 5 hats. Then the campaign took off, and we had to order 5 more, then 10 more, then 20 more! So far, we are at about 40 sets of Manush’s hats and socks which will go to kids in Armenian villages.   Manush is knitting like crazy up in Goghovit! Make your contribution to Manush’s success by going to: Santas Wanted!

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Written by Timothy Straight
Friday, 11 December 2015
Movses – Front Line Village With a Sense of Humor

The village of Movses in Berd region of Tavoush is quite close to the front line, and is fired upon quite often- recently, on a daily basis.  You may have know that. But did you also know that Movses is famous for a particularly dry sense of humor? That they are always laughing and joking, despite the sniper fire? Here’s an example of this famous Movses wit: The director of the company in Movses calls all his workers in to a meeting and tells them: ‘Tomorrow, journalists will be coming from Yerevan and will interview each of you.’ ‘What’s an interview?’ asks one of the villagers. The director scratches his head and says ‘I’m not sure, but make sure you take a bath and change your underwear!’ Movses humor at its best…and totally lost on a city person, perhaps! Movses will be one of the villages involved in the Berd Women’s Resource Center Foundation/HDIF project early next year called ‘Help…

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Written by Timothy Straight
Wednesday, 02 December 2015
Happy Customer Makes Us Happy! :)

Nothing is better than getting a nice compliment on one of our products. We work hard, very hard, knowing that what we do is important. But when we get a message like this, it’s just WOW! ‘I gave these potholders to my mother-in-law and harskuyrig (aunt) as Thanksgiving gifts. They were so touched that they cried tears of joy. Thanks for another unique gift, Vardenis Sewing and HDIF!’ Thanks, Lisa, thanks so much! You made our day…  

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