Written by Timothy Straight
Saturday, 20 August 2016
Still Bringing Hope and Health to the Border

More and more schools, churches and other organisations are discovering that buying fab hand made in Armenia products is a great way to earn money for their own cause as well as support the many women that HDIF supports in the regions of Armenia. By clicking on the SHOPIFY button at the top of the page, you enter the HDIF shopping centre! Note that the prices listed on the site are retail prices. If you want to buy in quantity for re-sale at your church, school or other organisation, we can offer you wholesale prices. Just ask us! Here’s an example of a great product with a meaningful story. Armine lives in Berkaber, a village right on the front line in Tavush. She was asked to make a keychain that symbolises here village, so she came up with this beehive. If you have any questions about this product, this producer partner, or any other aspect of our activities, please write…

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Written by Timothy Straight
Tuesday, 08 December 2015
Help Me Stay in My Home

At the end of January or so, Berd Women’s Resource Center Foundation and HDIF will be launching a new project to help women living in the bordering regions of Tavoush. This is a sneak peak, not even the whole story!  Stay tuned to see how this project develops, and find out how you can help! Contact info@hdif.org or bwrcfound@gmail.com for more info. Get involved!     Have a look at www.bordermade.hdif.org, too!

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