Written by Timothy Straight
Friday, 11 December 2015
Movses – Front Line Village With a Sense of Humor The village of Movses in Berd region of Tavoush is quite close to the front line, and is fired upon quite often- recently, on a daily basis.  You may have know that. But did you also know that Movses is famous for a particularly dry sense of humor? That they are always laughing and joking, despite the sniper fire?

Here's an example of this famous Movses wit:

The director of the company in Movses calls all his workers in to a meeting and tells them: 'Tomorrow, journalists will be coming from Yerevan and will interview each of you.'

'What's an interview?' asks one of the villagers.

The director scratches his head and says 'I'm not sure, but make sure you take a bath and change your underwear!'

Movses humor at its best...and totally lost on a city person, perhaps!

Movses will be one of the villages involved in the Berd Women's Resource Center Foundation/HDIF project early next year called 'Help Me Stay in My Home', which will create jobs in Movses and several other villages first by crocheting great little key tags, and then growing berries with the profit from those key tags.

If you want to get involved in that project, please contact Tim in HDIF at tim@hdif.org or Anahit in Berd at bwrcfound@gmail.com.

For more information about 'Help Me Stay in My Home', have a look at: Help Me Stay in My Home

For more information about products from Movses and other bordering villages, have a look at: Products Made in Bordering Villages
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