Written by Timothy Straight
Thursday, 10 December 2015
Satisfied, Yet Still Ambitious! Tim the Founder here. I sit here at my desk at the HDIF office with a cup of coffee and some nice music on. It is Thursday evening, and today has been yet another intensive day of activity as nearly all of them are. A sense of satisfaction is over me.


* Manush the heart and soul of Goghovit Knits is fully busy, with two Aybuben sweaters for a client in Yerevan, and 20 pairs of socks and 20 hats to finish by December 28th for the One Armenia 'Santas Wanted' campaign. Click here to see 'Santas Wanted'. She is crazy busy.

* Zarmig and the other ladies in the Tomassian family from Kobane have just finished delivery of 400 Christmas ornaments for a client from Lebanon, and need to provide 20 scarves for the One Armenia campaign by the end of the year. Busy, busy.

* Aspram, Seda and the other ladies of the Berd Women's Resource Center Foundation in Berd are up to their ears in making little crocheted bees for the One Armenia campaign- 60 so far, and counting. They just finished the production of 40 house key tags that are part of the 'Help Me Stay in My Home' campaign' for a Lebanese client, and have received an order for 40 more from a client in Norway. And this is on the heals of AGBU ordering dozens and dozens of their Berd Bears for their #IcareIcan campaign.

* The Goris Women's Resource Center Foundation and its 55 or so crocheters has been flooded recently with orders for their fabulous little crocheted animals from AGBU New York, The Ideas Foundation, and a client in Norway. Just today HDIF placed a new order for over 200 for the Norwegian. They are really struggling to keep up with the demand, so if you want a panda or a giraffe, you are going to have to wait!

* HDIF is not able to keep any baby rattles or squeakers from Gohar and her gaggle of crocheters in Kapan Crochet in stock. They fly off the shelf within hours of arriving. The Norwegian client can't get enough of them, it seems.

* Sisian Ceramics' new monkey whistle has taken us by surprise with its popularity and will be this New Year's smash hit for the Year of the Monkey!

HDIF is very proud to have positively affected all the women of these projects and our others as well. It has been a great HDIF year, and it isn't over just yet!

We have the ambition of keeping all our partners old and new very busy in 2016, and beyond.

Thanks to everyone who is helping HDIF along the way!
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