Written by Timothy Straight
Tuesday, 24 November 2015
Christmas Joy from a Yogurt Bottle! It's called 'tan',pronounced 'tahn' and is a thin, runny kind of yogurt that I only recently have learned to love(right up there with honey and humus). One brand here in Yerevan comes in a perfectly round plastic bottle that has screamed CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT at me since the first time I saw it. Well, the Berd Women's Resource Center Foundation has accepted the challenge of turned those little bottles into a rich, colorful series of ornaments that not only upcycles the bottle but upcycles your mood too!  Get in touch with us at info@hdif.org if you want to have some for your tree! And remember, the lid can be unscrewed and little rolls of paper with messages of love and devotion put inside. Love these beauties!
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