Written by Ani Berberyan
Monday, 09 November 2015
#ICareICan Syrian refugee relief campaign
HDIF team and its producer partners participate in AGBU's Syrian relief effort, contributing to the cause through #ICareICan photographs.
HDIF Foudner Timothy Straight
As mentioned earlier, AGBU ordered a large collection of Berd bearsGoris Crochet animal keytags, and Kapan Crochet Armenia keytags with the purpose of exporting and selling them in Armenian communities over the world and to invest the profit made in the Syrian-Armenian fund. 
The Syrian conflict has displaced 7.6 million innocent men, women, and children. Among them, tens of thousands of Syrian Armenians have been uprooted and forced to flee while close to 35,000 still remain in the country struggling to survive. Thousands of Syrian Armenians came to Armenia since the crisis, many of them children. 
Ways of contribution:
1. Contribute to the cause through a photograph, posting it on social networks with hashtags #ICareICan, #AGBUSyriaRelief.
Kapan ICareICan
Kapan Crochet women
2. Donate by going through the link.
Together we can save lives. Let us help Syrian-Armenians together and give them a better chance at happiness and stability. 
Learn more about the campaign.
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