Tuesday, 06 August 2013
Time Flies When You’re Working Like Crazy! The last blog posted was some months ago, in the depths of winter in Yerevan. That seems like light years ago. So just to catch us up to speed, hold on tight, it's going to be a long one! The dolls of Talin Women's Resource Center Foundation are taking off! Four months of 'no, sorry, not good enough, body too skinny, head too big, eyes too far apart, it doesn't stand properly, please do it again' have resulted in a fabulous series of dolls from the Armenian communities of Khotorjour, Vasourakan, Sebastia, Moush, and others. In all, we hope to create a series of at least a dozen women and their male counterparts, each of them bearing information about how many Armenians lived there, what their main areas of work was, etc. Already, the Armenian National Gallery and Khor Virap Church have shown interest in having these in their souvenir shops. This week the Talin Women's Resource Center Foundation has been officially registered. Their goal will be to spread information on issues of child health, nutrition, hygiene and other issues concerning the women of Talin. Already they have meet with Mission East and a Finnish organization that focus on disabled children. The future looks bright in Talin, thanks to Gayane Khachatryan and Peace Corps volunteer Brian Bokhart, both mentioned in an earlier blog here.