Sunday, 27 April 2014
  Berd Bear employees work endlessly at least 6 hours a day, to knit their handmade teddy bears at the Berd Women's Resource Center Foundation. Berd Bears, which has been working with HDIF since 2012, currently employs about 12 women, all of whom work together in an office in the Women’s Center. Prior to being involved in making these unique stuffed bears, many of the women were also involved in making other handicrafts.

Now, the main income of all of these women comes from their own work and organizational skills. They feel blessed that they have had the opportunity to work with HDIF. They know that sometimes it can get really difficult to complete large orders in a timely manner, but the support provided by HDIF will teach them about creating a more cohesive and profitable work environment. Application of these skills and tools have played a key role in Berd Bears’ production.

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Take a look at a video done by Timothy Straight about Berd Bears.

For more information go to Berd Bears web-site or Facebook page.

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