Written by hdiforg
Friday, 22 May 2015
Talar KakilianBorn 5 February, 1992, Talar was the first Birthright volunteer of 2015.

Like many other volunteers, Talar had heard about HDIF via Facebook prior to her arrival to Armenia. She was very interested and impressed by the different types of community development and women’s empowerment projects that HDIF has done.

She is currently helping HDIF with writing and editing articles, interviewing staff members, and assisting with managing the events calendar. Moreover, Talar, alongside the Public Relations Officer and another volunteer, has assisted in developing HDIF’s new PR strategy. She hopes that this strategy will help spread HDIF’s mission all throughout the world.

The one difficulty Talar has run into at HDIF revolves around responsiveness from some third-party individuals and organizations. Nevertheless, she has throughly enjoyed her time at HDIF thus far, and believes this is only a small issue that can be rectified in time.

Talar feels very comfortable at HDIF and appreciates that the organization has always presented itself as an open space where opinions and ideas can be discussed. She feels free to say or ask anything without ever feeling uncomfortable or intimidated.

For the remainder of her time at HDIF, Talar hopes to become more involved with the hands-on work that HDIF does. She hopes that she will be able to work with people and producers and understand how HDIF has helped these individuals personally.